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UNU World Hunger Programme Publications

Nutritional Evaluation of Protein Foods

A report of a joint UNU-lnternational Union of Nutrition Sciences working group presenting a revision of the methods for the comprehensive assessment of the nutritive value of food and feed protein sources. It begins with the determination of nitrogen content, the identification of the principal nitrogenous constituents of the food, and the assessment of nutritional values, including digestibility, by means of in vitro and in vivo assays. The methods and procedures as well as their significance and limitations are considered.

ISBN 92-808-0129-5
154 pages, 16.5 x 23.5 cm, paper-bound

Food Price Policies end Nutrition in Latin America

A workshop report analysing the effects of governmental food price policies on the nutritional status of the populations of Latin America and the Caribbean. It points out areas that need further research and suggests methods for conducting it that can be adopted by Third World governments. It also seeks to increase the awareness of industrialized countries of the impact of their international trade policies on the citizens of developing countries.

ISBN 92-808-0128-7
170 pages. 16.5 x 23.5 cm. paper-bound

Bioconversion of Organic Residues for Rural Communities

A compilation of papers from a workshop on the development of techniques for the production of biomass from organic residues-focusing on the potential of bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and algae to upgrade organic wastes into valuable feed products through simple fermentation processes. Especially for developing countries with predominantly rural populations it is imperative that such low-cost bio-conversion techniques be fully encouraged for improvement of the socio-economic, nutritional, and health conditions of rural areas.

ISBN 92-808-0043-4
176 pages, 21.4 x 28 cm, paper-bound

Protein-Energy Requirements under Conditions Prevailing in Developing Countries: Current Knowledge and Research Needs

A report on the current state of knowledge regarding protein and energy requirements and appropriate dietary allowances for people living under the conditions prevailing in developing countries and consuming local diets. It brings together much hitherto unevaluated original data-including data generated by the World Hunger Programme's own research projects-and points up the fact that present international recommendations fail to take sufficiently into account the protein-energy needs for recovery and catch-up growth following frequent acute and chronic infections and differences in the digestibility and protein quality of local diets. A principal function of the report is to provide suggestions for further needed research.

ISBN 92-808-0018-3
73 pages, 16.5 x 23.5 cm, paper-bound

Interdisciplinary Dialogue on World Hunger

In order to define an acceptable set of goals, processes, and indicators for food and nutrition policy and to forge practicable recommendations for research and training, the UNU World Hunger Programme met with the Human and Social Development Programme in a workshop in March 1979. This report describes an attempt to apply the approaches of one group to the research and training programmes of another through substantive interdisciplinary dialogue.

ISBN 92-808-0229-1
67 pages, 16.5 x 23.5 cm, paper-bound

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