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The Food and Nutrition Bulletin incorporates and continues the former PAG Bulletin of the Protein-Calorie Advisory Group of the United Nations system and is published quarterly by the World Hunger Programme of the United Nations University in collaboration with the United Nations ACC Sub-Committee on Nutrition. The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the United Nations University.

All correspondence, suggestions, comments, news, and notes should be addressed to the Senior Programme Officer, World Hunger Programme, The United Nations University, Toho Seimei Building, 15-1 Shibuya 2-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150, Japan. All material may be freely reproduced providing acknowledgement is given and a copy of the publication containing the reproduction is sent to the Bulletin.

Four papers in this issue-"How Nutrition Priorities Can Be Integrated into Crop Improvement Programmes," by J.H. Hulse and O.E. Pearson: "Improvement of the Nutritional Quality of Sorghum and Pearl Millet," by R. Jambunathan; "Progress in Nutritional Improvement of Maize and Triticale," by E.M. Villegas, B.O. Eggum, S.K Vasal, and M.M. Kohli; and "The Need for Food Utilization and Processing Studies to Supplement Nutritional Evaluation," by R.A. Lush-and the paper "Improvement of the Nutritional Quality of Food Legumes," by R. Bressani and L.G. Elias, which appeared in Vol. 1, No. 4, were presented at the international Nutrition Congress held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in August 1978. They are included in the proceedings of the Congress, being published under the title Nutrition and Food Science, edited by J.J. Barbosa, and are used in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin by permission of the publisher, Plenum Publish

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