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One of the major functions of the United Nations University is to improve and increase communication among scholars, scientists, research workers, policy makers, and opinion formers to enable all available information to be put to best use in solving pressing global problems. We in the University are taking steps to develop facilities for a comprehensive information dissemination programme. The quarterly publication of the Food and Nutrition Bulletin of the World Hunger Programme of the University will become an important component of this effort.

Among the programmes of the University, World Hunger was the first to be initiated and currently has a network of institutions and scholars working in many different parts of the world. It has plans to sponsor a variety of technical working-group meetings and workshops in the priority areas of the Programme. It also participates in the activities of the United Nations ACC Sub-Committee on Nutrition (SCN), where all UN organizations with nutrition-related activities are represented. It has become necessary for the World Hunger Programme to have a technical publication of its own to promote the exchange of information on world malnutrition problems among all those who are motivated to work for their solution, and to disseminate the results of the Programme's activities.

The ACC Sub-Committee on Nutrition, with its Advisory Panel, was established in 1977 to ensure effective co-ordination and follow-up of all activities relating to nutrition within the UN system, and to give appropriate attention to nutrition programmes conducted by the bilateral agencies. The SCN has taken over most of the functions of the Protein-Calorie Advisory Group (PAG) of the UN system except for the publication of the quarterly PAG Bulletin. The possibility of continuing the information function of the PAG was explored with the SCN, the successor body, and it was decided that the World Hunger Programme of the University would publish its quarterly Food and Nutrition Bulletin in collaboration with the SCN and would incorporate in the new publication the principal features of the former PAG Bulletin.

This Bulletin should serve an important function by communicating objectively on all aspects of global malnutrition problems and the broad programmes and new areas of activity needed for combating them. It will be the medium for making available technical information and specialized knowledge related to world hunger data, generated both by specific programmes of the University and by other relevant activities. It should provide a forum for scientists and scholars to raise and discuss important issues. It will include articles and abstracts of current research work of practical concern to the hunger problem and assist in making known the availability of research papers, reports, proceedings, and other publications of value in solving the problem of global malnutrition.

James M. Hester
The United Nations University

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