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Policy and Institutional Frameworks

Regulation of the Private Security Sector in Africa

The effective governance of the security sector is a crucial issue in most countries of the world, but even so in the emerging democracies of Africa. The private security sector, whose influence has grown and spread throughout the continent in the recent decades, needs to be properly regulated and controlled.

Weak and absent regulatory frameworks governing the poorly understood private security sector in Africa leave a significant gap in the democratic oversight of military force that has hitherto escaped in depth research and effective regulation.

This project suggests that the proper governance and regulation of the military and the private security sectors require an informed and active legislature, a clear governmental policy framework, Laws for ensuring compliance with these policies, effective executive authorities directing and controlling the security sector and an active civil society to keep the security sector transparent.

The ultimate purpose is to ensure that security forces and services are governed according to the principles of democratic control, transparency and accountability, through action-oriented research, policy advice and facilitation.


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