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Policy and Institutional Frameworks

Making States Work

When considering the large amount of literature available on state failure, surprisingly little attention is paid to what constitutes as state success and what enables states to succeed. Based on strategies and tactics of international actors, local political elites and civil society in responding to these crises' of legitimacy and viability of state institutions research will be conducted. Also, particular emphasis will be given to the constructive engagement of these institutions within nation-states.

Approaches to crisis environments are of a particular problem for policymakers in intergovernmental organizations as well as donor governments hence, the research also follows on situations and methods for effective engagement here, posing far greater difficulties for the embattled state institutions and the populations of such territories.

This project examines how various actors have responded to crises in the legitimacy and viability of state institutions, with a particular emphasis on those situations in which the state has been salvaged or at least kept afloat.


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