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Policy and Institutional Frameworks

The Rule of Law and Good Business Practice in Zones of Conflict

This study explores the issues involved in the development of an alternative approach for business rule of Law in zones of conflict. The objective is to evaluate the potential applicability of existing global international conventions and agreements in conflict-related areas when government authority is insufficient for the conduct of normal commercial activities or where it is non-existent.

In these difficult circumstances, the study will evaluate the potential applicability of alternate functional laws and regulations and methods by which the gap in national rule of law can be temporarily closed. The project will explore the extent to which current international law, regulation, guidelines, voluntary corporate social responsibility standards, and similar principles of good business practice can form part of a framework for the conduct of business in these circumstances.

The project will further examine issues regarding the implementation mechanism; the inclusion of local communities in the process; voluntary versus obligatory standards and liability issues for the TNCs; and evaluate the potential role for the United Nations in such a process. In addition it will examine mechanisms whereby international standards and regulatory jurisdiction can be transferred back to domestic country law at the end of the conflict period.


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