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International Order and Justice

Legality and Legitimacy in International Order

Policy Brief

Legality and Legitimacy in International Order
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By Vesselin Popovski & Nicholas Turner

The UN Secretary-General's High-Level Panel Report on Threats, Challenges and Change states that, "The maintenance of world peace and security depends importantly on there being a common global understanding, and acceptance, of when the application of force is both legal and legitimate."

Accordingly, this project aims to explore the relationship between legality and legitimacy in such international issues as the use of force in humanitarian crises, non-proliferation of WMD, authority of international criminal law, enforcement of legal regimes associated with the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, prohibitions on whaling, ozone depletion, and issues of environmental depletion. The following questions are addressed:

This study will consequently recommend actions that can be undertaken by the UN and the Security Council to re-integrate international constitutionalism.


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