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International Order and Justice

2030 Global Prospects

The 2030 Project on Global Prospects (PGP) indentifies and analyzes future challenges, aspirations, and adjustments given current trends and the intrusion of unanticipated developments. It enlists outstanding scholars and thinkers who are representative of the world's civilizations (including those of indigenous peoples) to offer diverse interpretations of what it is reasonable to expect and to hope for by the year 2030.

The year 2030 is selected to strike a balance between being too preoccupied with immediate realities and looking so far into the future as to become detached from present realities. A core intention is to produce a publishable series of multi-disciplinary interpretations that are expressive of differences in cultural perspective, policy priority, and empirical assessment rather than to construct a single blueprint of the future of world order.

The PGP project builds upon other work that has had similar objectives, especially the World Order Models Project (WOMP) that undertook in the 1970s to produce a series of civilizational studies of 'A Preferred World for the 1990s.' WOMP's approach was also based on the creative tension between group collaboration and individual effort, and as with PGP it combined diagnosis with prescription in its response to challenges and responses related to the global policy agenda. PGP also takes advantage of other related undertakings such as the ambitious 2020 study produced in the United States by the National Intelligence Council.


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