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Conflict and Security

Protracted Refugee Situations

Protracted refugee populations constitute over 70 per cent of the world's refugees and their long-term presence in much of the developing world has come to be seen by many host states in these regions as a source of insecurity.

Protracted refugee situations are often associated with regional and intra-state conflict and failed-statehood, the spill-over of violent conflict into neighbouring countries, recruitment into insurgency movements and the illegal flow of small arms.

This project aims to establish a number of general propositions including the nature and impact of assaults on the international protection regime in industrialised countries and their relationship to challenges specifically in Asia and Africa.

This will result in drawing up comprehensive plans of action targeted at specific protracted refugee situations in Africa and Asia, and policy-oriented research to assist policymakers and advocacy organizations in their efforts to change international policy on protracted refugee situations.


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