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Conflict and Security

Partnerships for Research and Capacity Building: Peacebuilding and Reconciliation in Conflicted Societies

This project seeks to address two pressing and interlinked problems which currently afflict many regions of the world: (1) a lack of understanding regarding the challenges of peacebuilding in conflict prone societies and the mixed record of local and international efforts to consolidate peacebuilding; and (2) a lack of capacity within conflicted societies, especially in the poorest countries, in terms of their research and training institutions in the area of peacebuilding and reconciliation. By addressing both gaps in an integrated manner, this project makes a major contribution to peacebuilding and capacity building.

The project builds links amongst institutions in conflicted societies and supports a programme of research which draws upon local experience and expertise. In doing so, it makes a valuable contribution to an important area of capacity building (research on conflict and peace studies in societies emerging from conflict) and also generates new knowledge in terms of peacebuilding from a comparative perspective.


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