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Conflict and Security

Diasporas in International Conflict

This study investigates the diverse role of Diasporas in the different phases of conflict, including pre-conflict and escalatory phases, ongoing conflict, peace-making and peace-building.

Diasporas can have a positive and a negative impact on international politics. They can secure tangible and intangible resources to fuel armed conflicts, and can provide opaque institutional and network structures that enable the transfer of arms and money to terrorist groups.

More positively, Diasporas can give humanitarian assistance to victims of conflict and they also support post-war reconstruction efforts. Diasporas also have the potential to make powerful contributions to peace and reconciliation. This project has an explicit conflict resolution framework that seeks to examine and identify patterns of Diaspora intervention in post Cold War conflicts and focus on leverage points for constructive interventions by global policymakers.

The resulting publication will draw on Diaspora interventions in specific conflicts and examine the actions of the Palestinian, Jewish, Armenian, Cuban, Sri Lankan, Kurdish and African Diasporas.


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