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Conflict and Security

Challenges to Peacebuilding

Many ceasefires and peace agreements in civil conflicts are initially unsuccessful. Some give way to renewed, and often escalating, violence while some others have become interminably protracted. Given the huge material and human costs of a failed peace process, the international com¬munity has a strong interest in helping these processes succeed and addressing threats to their implementation. This research project -

The resulting book considers why spoilers and spoiling behavior emerge and how they can be addressed by drawing upon experience from Northern Ireland, the Basque region, Bosnia, Colombia, Israel-Palestine, Cyprus, the Caucasus and Kashmir.

It takes a 'critical' approach to the concept of spoiling and considers a broad range of actors as potential spoilers: not only rebel groups and insurgents, but also Diasporas, governments, and other entities. It also demonstrates that ill-conceived or imposed peace processes can themselves sow the seeds of spoiling.


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