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Project: Civil Society and Global Finance

The growth of global finance ranks as one of the most prominent aspects of contemporary globalisation. In terms of positive effects, global banking, securities and derivatives industries have generated worldwide increases in credit flows and financial innovation. At the same time, however, global finance has emerged as a major source of insecurity and, in the eyes of many critics, injustice in the late twentieth century. What role can civil society play in the construction of a 'new architecture' of global finance? The project brought together leading academics, civic campaigners and regulators to discuss how civil society can contribute to effective and democratic governance of global finance. To date no conferences or publications have focused on the involvement of civil society in global financial governance. Neither civic associations, nor the regulatory agencies at which their initiatives have been directed, nor academic researchers have reflected carefully on the promises and perils of the enterprise. The project assembles and assesses previously uncollected information and experiences to provide policymakers, civil society and scholars with new and valuable insights into the actual and potential workings of global financial governance.