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         9 May 2002
ON 13-15 MAY 2002

Public Lectures on 14 May 2002

The 10th International Philosophy Olympiad (IPO), organized jointly by the Japanese Organizing Committee for the IPO and United Nations University (UNU) with the support of the Mainichi Shimbun, will be held at the UNU from 13 to 15 May. A total of 34 high school students from 16 countries are expected to participate in the IPO, at the centre of which is an essay contest on philosophical themes.

International Philosophy Olympiads have been organized each year since 1993 for high school students from a growing number of countries. Their aims are to promote philosophical education at the secondary school level and to increase the interest of high school pupils in philosophy; to contribute to the development of critical, inquisitive and creative thinking; to promote philosophical reflection on science, art and social life; and to cultivate the capacity for ethical reflection on the problems of the modern world. The two winners of national contests held in each participating country are invited to join the IPO.

The 10th IPO, the first such event in Japan, will be held under the theme "Towards a Just and Dialogical Human Community - An Exploration of Sustainability, Civility and Mutual Learning." To stimulate philosophical exchange between the participating students, their teachers and the philosophical community in the host country of the 10th IPO, leading thinkers will present their views on the theme of the IPO in a public lecture session scheduled from 9:00-12:30 hours on Tuesday, 14 May. Speakers include Prof. Tomonobu Imamichi, Director of the International Centre of Philosophy, Prof. Hisashi Owada, President of the Japan Institute for International Affairs, Prof. Hans van Ginkel, Rector of the United Nations University, and Prof. John B. Cobb, Claremont Graduate University. The session will be chaired by Prof. Ioanna Kušuradi, President of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies.

Members of the public and the press are cordially invited to attend the public lectures. A copy of the programme is attached for your reference.

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