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         27 September 2001

Dr. Peter Piot, Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), will give a lecture on the global HIV/AIDS epidemic and its impact on human security on 2 October from 9.30-11 a.m. at the U Thant International Conference Hall (3F) at the UN House (United Nations University Building) in Tokyo.

Dr. Piot will emphasize how the global AIDS epidemic is one of the central security issues for the twenty-first century. He will give examples of how AIDS affects personal security, economic security and the stability of communities.

Dr. Piot will also address the rapidly evolving epidemic in Asia. Unless prevention programmes quickly start reaching the population groups most exposed to infection, the epidemic in Asia will continue to take its natural and largely unpredictable course.

Today, HIV/AIDS threatens the welfare and well-being of people throughout the world. At the end of last year, 36.1 million people were living with HIV or AIDS, and 3 million died from AIDS-related illnesses. While the majority of infections (25.3 million) are in sub-Saharan Africa, the epidemic is intensifying in many other parts of the world.

There will be an opportunity for questions and answers following Dr. Piot's lecture. Simultaneous English-Japanese interpretation will be provided. Media representatives are cordially invited to attend. We request that you confirm your attendance in advance with the UNU Public Affairs Section.

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