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         17 April 2001

The United Nations University (UNU) is now accepting applications for the 2nd UNU Global Seminar - Shimane Session. The central theme of this seminar, to be held from 24 to 27 July 2001 at the University of Shimane, will be "IT, the Family, and Gender: Coping with Socio-Economic Change in the Information Age."

The UNU Global Seminar is an annual programme designed to enhance awareness about global issues among college students and young professionals in Japan by providing them an opportunity for interaction with international scholars and experts. Undergraduate students (junior year and above), postgraduate students and recent graduates are invited to apply; approximately 50 applicants will be selected to participate in the Shimane Session. Participants must understand both English and Japanese. The participation fee is 30,000 Japanese yen, with a limited number of fellowships available for foreign students studying in Japan.

Application forms are available from the UNU (telephone: 03-3499-2811; e-mail:, with the submission deadline set for 15 May 2001.

The UNU Global Seminar - Shimane Session will open with a keynote speech by Professor Hiroko Hara of the University of the Air. This keynote speech is open to the public, with simultaneous Japanese-English interpretation provided. Media representatives are cordially invited to attend. The keynote speech will be followed by six lectures under four themes: "IT and Globalization," "IT and Gender," "IT and Social Change," and "The Information Revolution: New Challenges and Opportunities." Scheduled lecturers include Dr. Timothy Sinclair, Warwick University; Dr. Gu Shulin, UNU Institute for New Technologies; Dr. John Mathiason, Managing Director of Associates for International Management Services, Inc.; Prof. Fumie Kumagai, Kyorin University; Prof. Katsuhiko Chika, University of Shimane; and Prof. Tamotsu Aoki, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies.

The Shimane Session of the UNU Global Seminar series was inaugurated in 2000 in cooperation with and at the University of Shimane. UNU Global Seminar sessions have been held each year in the Kanto area since 1985 (Shonan Session), in the Kansai area since 1995 (Kobe Session), in Okinawa since 1999, and in Hokkaido since 2000.

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