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         1 March 2001

Five UNU-Kirin Fellows who have completed a one-year training programme in advanced food science and technology at Japan's National Food Research Institute (NFRI) in Tsukuba will be presented with certificates of completion on Thursday, 8 March 2001. The award ceremony will be held from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the Elizabeth Rose Conference Hall at UN House in Tokyo.

The event will open with remarks by Prof. Hans van Ginkel, UNU Rector; Mr. Yasuhiro Satoh, President of Kirin Brewery Company; and Dr. Tateo Suzuki, Director-General of the NFRI. The five 2000-2001 UNU-Kirin Fellows, from China, India (2), Mongolia and Viet Nam, will present brief summaries of their research results. Each fellow will receive a certificate from Rector van Ginkel and a commemorative gift from Mr. Satoh. Rector van Ginkel will also present letters of appreciation to the NFRI advisers.

The ceremony will include introductions of the five 2001-2002 UNU-Kirin Fellows, who will come from Bangladesh, China, India, Mongolia and Viet Nam. These new fellows will arrive in Japan to begin their studies at NFRI in late March.

The UNU-Kirin Fellowship Programme began in April 1993 with an annual contribution of 34 million (US$295,000) from Japan's Kirin Brewery Company. In 1998, Kirin extended its initial five-year commitment for an additional five years. These funds enable five top scientists from developing countries in Asia to come Japan each year for a full year of research and training in the latest techniques of food science and technology at NFRI.

An effective and innovative feature of the Kirin sponsorship is that it also provides financial support to the home institutions of the UNU-Kirin Fellows, thereby enabling them to continue their research and teach their fellow countrymen when they return home. The goal of the UNU-Kirin Fellowship Programme is to enhance the capacity of food research institutions throughout Asia.

Media representatives are cordially invited to attend the 8 March award ceremony. A copy of the programme is attached for your reference.

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