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         13 February 2001

The United Nations University (UNU) is pleased to announce that as of 13 February 2001 the UNU Centre, UNU Institute of Advanced Studies and the Global Environment Information Centre, all in Tokyo, have been officially certified by the Japan Standards Association to meet the ISO14001 standard.

The UNU is an international academic organization that plays a unique role in world affairs and in promoting the United Nations' aims of peace and progress. It provides and manages an extensive framework of research projects bringing together the world's leading scholars to tackle the pressing problems of today, and helps alleviate the isolation of researchers in developing countries.

The University undertakes numerous environment-related projects through a global network of research and training centres including work on climate change and global governance, land and natural resource development, water conservation, and sustainable urban and industrial development. Within Japan and across the globe the UNU is famous for the creation of a number of innovative initiatives such as the Zero Emissions Forum and People, Land Management and Environmental Change (PLEC) project.

The ISO14001 working group at the university began the development of an environmental management system in May 1999, and implementation commenced in February 2000. An environmental policy has been developed entitled "Going for Green." In implementing this policy the UNU seeks to contribute to the global and local community and to "green" both work practices and the work place.

Implementation of the ISO14001 at the UNU in Tokyo has resulted in a number of positive impacts including reductions in resource consumption as well as a general increase in the environmental awareness of all personnel. In 2001, the UNU will implement a number of measures to increase local public understanding of its policies and objectives related to ISO14001. In addition, efforts will be made to disseminate this best practice experience to other parts of the UN system.

More information about the UNU ISO14001 Initiative is available online at

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