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             19 October 2000


The United Nations University (UNU) will offer its second programme of four "International Courses" (UNU/IC) from 14 May to 22 June 2001. These four courses, to be held at the UNU Centre in Tokyo, will be (1) UN System: Structure and Activities, (2) Environmental Monitoring and Quality, (3) Human Rights: Concepts and Issues, and (4) International Cooperation and Development*.

The courses, which will be taught in English, are intended to give students a deeper understanding of selected global issues as well as help them to sharpen their analytical and problem-solving skills and develop specific research skills. Each course will be taught by a team of both in-house and outside experts, including practitioners from a number of different UN organizations.

These courses are open to postgraduate students and professionals from Japan and abroad who are interested in working in international fields in public service or private organizations, including the United Nations system, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), multinational corporations and national foreign-service agencies. Tuition is 100,000 Japanese yen for one course or 150,000 yen for two courses (the maximum that can be taken simultaneously). Participants from developing countries who take two courses and who can successfully demonstrate a need for financial assistance are invited to apply for a limited number of UNU fellowships.

The UNU/IC programme is offered annually as an integral part of the UNU's training and capacity-building activities. Participants who successfully complete a course of the UNU/IC will receive a UNU certificate of completion.

Those who wish to enroll into the 2001 UNU/IC programme should contact Ms. Wilma James at the UNU Headquarters: tel. +81-3-3499-2811, fax +81-3-3499-2828, e-mail

Further information and application forms are available from the UNU website: (For other capacity-building activities of the UNU, please visit

*This course will be supported by the Yutaka Akino Memorial Donation from the Government of Japan and is designated the "Akino Memorial Course for 2001."

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