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                               29 January 1999

UNU International Courses Begin on 1 February

On Monday, 1 February, from 10.00 to 13.00 hours, the United Nations University is holding an opening ceremony to launch the pilot phase of its new programme of International Courses (UNU/IC). The initial set of four six-week modular courses will continue through 12 March 1999, at the UNU Centre in Tokyo. Courses are taught in English, with 15 to 20 participants per course.

The UNU/IC programme is designed for postgraduate students and professionals from Japan and abroad who are seeking positions in international fields, including the United Nations system, national foreign-service agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Participants who successfully complete a course will receive a UNU certificate of completion.

The four pilot courses are: The United Nations System: Structure and Activities; Environment and Sustainable Development; Human Rights: Concepts and Issues; and International Trade and Dispute Settlement.

UNU/IC instructors include UNU academic programme staff and scholars engaged in UNU research projects, representatives of various UN agencies and other international organizations, and eminent university professors and professionals from around the world. Among the 27-member international scholars teaching in the UNU/IC pilot courses are Prof. Andrew Mack, Director, Strategic Planning Unit, Executive Office of the UN Secretary-General; Dr. Michael Glantz, senior scientist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (USA); Dr. David Forsythe, professor of political science, University of Nebraska; and Dr. Gary Sampson, former director of the World Trade Organization’s Trade and Environment Division.

It is intended that the UNU/IC programme will become an integral part of the UNU’s training and capacity-building activities.

For additional details about the UNU/IC, click here.

Media representatives are cordially invited to attend the 1 February opening ceremony, which will include a buffet lunch reception. The programme is shown below.

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UNU/IC Opening Ceremony

The UNU Headquarters, 5th floor Conference Room
Monday, 1 February 1999


10.00 hoursOpening Remarks
Prof. Hideo Sato
Director, UNU/IC; Senior Adviser to the Rector
10.15Peace and Governance
Prof. Ramesh Thakur
UNU Vice-Rector
10.30Environment and Sustainable Development
Prof. Motoyuki Suzuki
UNU Vice-Rector
10.45Briefing on the Logistical Arrangements
Mr. Akio Komatsuki
Director, UNU Administrative Management Services
11.00Visit to the UNU Library (2nd floor)
Ms. Mayako Matsuki, Librarian
11.30–13.00Reception (buffet lunch)
(2nd floor Reception Hall)

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