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[Thursday, 8 October 1998]

Opening Session
13:00-13:15Prof. K. Sudo (Director, INCEDE, IIS, the University of Tokyo)
13:15-13:20Prof. M. Sakauchi (Director General, IIS, the University of Tokyo)
13:20-13:25Dr. Juha Uitto (Senior Academic Officer, the United Nations University)
Session 1: Information Recipients
13:25-14:10Prof. H. C. Shah (Professor Emeritus, Stanford University) "What Information Do Industrial Societies Need during a Disaster? - With Reference to the Northridge & Kobe Earthquakes"
14:10-14:55Speaker from Disaster Management Division, Defense Agency, Japan "Disaster Information Management for Efficient Rescue Activities by Defense Agency"
Session 2:The Role of Information Providers
15:15-16:00Mr. K. Yamamoto (Director-General of the Forecast Department, Japan Meteorological Agency) "Activities of the Japan Meteorological Agency Related to the Preparation and Issuance of Information for Disaster Reduction"
16:00-16:45Mr. Y. Fujiyoshi (Executive Commentator, News Commentators Division, Japan Broadcasting Corporation) "Disaster Information and Broadcast"
16:45-17:30Mr. Y. Ishikawa (Governor, Shizuoka Prefectural Government) "Philosophy of Disaster Information Management by the Prefectural Government during the Anticipated Tokai Earthquake"

[Friday, 9 October 1998]

Session 3:The Role of Media
10:00-10:45Mr. J. Tomari (Senior Science Writer, Asahi Shimbun) "What the Press Did, Didn't Do, and Learned during the Kobe Earthquake Disaster"
10:45-11:30Mr. H. Hashimoto (Senior Manager, Disaster Prevention Planning Office, Maintenance & Service Operations Department, Nippon Telegram and Telephone Corporation-NTT) "Recent NTT's Disaster-Prevention Measures for Telecommunication Network"
Session 4:Information Availability and Deficiencies
13:30-14:15Dr. T. Katayama (Director General, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, Science and Technology Agency) "What Kind of Information and How Much of It is Needed?"
14:15-15:00Prof. O. Hiroi (Professor, the Institute of Socio-Information and Communication Studies, the University of Tokyo) "How Should We Make Use of Disaster Information?"
15:00-15:45Ms. T. Nonaka (Visiting Professor of Communications, Chukyo Women's University) "At the Moment, How Do People React?"
16:00-17:00Panel Discussion: "Proposal for Information Policy on Disaster Mitigation"
Moderator: Prof. H. C. Shah
Panellists: Mr. H. Hashimoto, Prof. O. Hiroi, Ms. T. Nonaka, Mr. J. Tomari, Mr. K. Yamamoto, Dr. T. Katayama, Prof. A. S. Herath (Guest Professor, INCEDE, IIS, the University of Tokyo)
(There may be slight changes in the programme. )

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