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Report of the WSSD International Eminent Persons Meeting on Inter-linkages: Bridging Problems and Solutions Towards Sustainable Development

This is the final report from the international conference convened by the UNU and its partners last 2 and 3 September 2001 in Tokyo, Japan. [ conference web site... ]

UNU WSSD Reports [ More... ]

UNU Reports Sumitted to the WSSD
• UNU report to WSSD PrepCom 4 - Towards a New Strategic Framework for Large Developing Countries: China, India, and Indonesia
• UNU report to WSSD PrepCom 3 - International Environmental Governance Reform

Inter-linkages Policy Briefs
• Policy Brief 4 - Pacific Islands Case Study
• Policy Brief 3 - National and Regional Approaches in Asia and the Pacific
• Policy Brief 2 - Inter-linkages between the Ozone and Climate Change Conventions

Discussion Papers [ More... ]
• 2001-003 - Institutional Coordination, Multi-Stakeholder Participation and the Implementation of MEAs: National Experiences of Malaysia and Thailand
• 2001-005 - Ecosystem Approach and Inter-Linkages: A Socio-Ecological Approach to Natural and Human Ecosystems

Opinions [ More... ]
• Where on Earth are We Going? - by Maurice Strong
• Globalization and the Crisis of Sustainable Development - by Martin Khor