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Classification Table

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   Monographs, reports, CD-ROMs, audiovisual materials and reference books are classed by the UNU Library Classification Scheme.  All of these items are indexed with terminology used in the UN Bibliographic Information System Thesaurus (UNBIS), the multilingual thesaurus created by the Dag Hammarskjold Library at the United Nations Secretariat in New York. It is multidisciplinary in scope, reflecting the United Nations' wide-ranging concerns and is used as the subject authority. The UNBIS Online version is accessible at

   単行書、報告書、CD-ROM、視聴覚媒体、 参考図書は国連大学図書分類によって主題分類、または一部形態で別置されています。資料は国連ニューヨーク本部に所在するダグ・ハマショールド図書 館が開発した、多言語国連書誌情報システムシソーラスを用い索引されます。このシソーラスは複数の学問領域を捉え、国連の広範囲に亘る取り組みを件名で反 映するための主題典拠録として利用されています。オンライン版は から利用できます。

Class Code
 Classification / 分類 Location
AFR  Africa ECS
AGR  Agriculture ECS
ANN  Annual Reports Reference
BIB  Bibliographies Reference
BIO  Biographies Reference
CRI  Critical Ecological Zones ECS
DEV  Development ECS
DIC  Dictionaries Reference
DIR  Directories Reference
EDU  Education ECS
ENC  Encyclopedias Reference
ENE  Energy ECS
ENV  Environment ECS
FOO  Food and Nutrition ECS
GEO  Geography and History ECS
HEA  Health ECS
HUM  Human Rights, Peace, International Law ECS
INF  Information, Library, Computer Sciences ECS
LAT  Latin America ECS
MIS  Miscellaneous ECS
NRS  Natural Resources ECS
NSC  Natural Sciences ECS
SSC  Social Sciences ECS
STA  Statistics Reference
TEC  Technology in Development ECS
UND  UN Documents ECS
UNU  UNU Publications Reference
YEA  Yearbooks Reference

Code  Location by material types / 別置 Location
UTR  Selected UNITAR Library Collection (pre-1990) ECS
VID  Videotapes V-Cabinet
 CD-ROMs and DVDs 

 *ECS=Electric Compact Schelf Unit (電動書架)

 UN Documents are not classified but they are filed by UN document symbols.
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