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 November 1997    

Recent and Forthcoming UNU Activities
Recent UNU activities

3 July, Tokyo: GEIC Seminar on "Legal Structure of the Climate Change Convention."

3-5 July, Helsinki: UNU/WIDER Project Meeting on the "Wave of Emergencies of the Last Decade - Causes, Extent, Predictability and Response."

8-10 July, UNU Headquarters, Tokyo: "Regional Conference on Higher Education - National Strategies and Regional Cooperation for the 21st Century."

10 July, Tokyo: GEIC Seminar on the "Kyoto Protocol."

11 July, Tokyo: Press Briefing on the UNU Zero Emissions Initiative.

11-12 July, Maastricht: UNU/INTECH Workshop on "Investing in the South - Technological and Financial Investment Decisions by Manufacturing Firms in Southern Europe."

13-19 July, Suva, Fuji: UNU Workshop on "Islands in the Pacific Century - Session on Disasters and Development."

31 July-2 August, Jakarta, Indonesia: UNU Third World Congress on Zero Emissions.

20 August, Seoul, Republic of Korea: UNU Panel on the "United Nations and the United States: Toward a New Deal."

29 and 31 August, Washington, DC, USA: Mid-Term Review Meeting and a Round Table of the UNU Project on "Comparative Foreign Policy and Human Rights."

1-4 September, Seeheim, Germany: Workshop on "Earthquakes and Mega-cities."

5-6 September, Oslo, Norway: UNU/INTECH Third Workshop of the Project on "Environmental Regulation, Globalization of Production and Technological Change."

8-11 September, Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan: UNU Global Seminar Shonan Session '97 on "Attitudes of Member States toward the United Nations."

15 September-3 October, Trieste, Italy: UNU/ICTP Project Workshop on "Telecommunications: Science, Technology and Applications."

15 September-15 May 1998, New Delhi: Training Course on "Renewable Energy Systems."

18 September, UNU Headquarters: UNU Public Forum on the "Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Possible Consequences of the Integration of Hong Kong on the International Arena."

22 September-11 October, Libreville, Gabon: UNU/ICTP Second African Regional Workshop on Parallel Process and Applications.

26-27 September, Budapest, Hungary: UNU Regional Workshop on the "Democratization Process and Economic Changes in the Former Socialist Countries in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Former Soviet Union."

29 September, Tokyo: UNU/IAS Study Group on the United Nations, by the Japan Association of International Relations.

29 September-1 October, UNU Headquarters: UNU/IAS Conference on EU-Japan Cooperation in Education, Science and Technology.

October 1997-September 1998, Nairobi, Kenya: Training Programme on "Applied Human Nutrition."

2 October, Tokyo: UNU/IAS Seminar on "Biodiversity, Health and Sustainability."

2 October, Tokyo: UNU/IAS Seminar on "Environmental Technology and Trade - The Asian Newly Industrializing Economies' Pathway to Sustainable Development and Competitiveness in the International Economy."

6-10 October, Lima, Peru: UNU/BIOLAC Brucellosis Research Network Workshop.

6-24 October, Ile-Ife, Nigeria: UNU/ICTP Regional Training Workshop on "Academic Networking."

7 October, Tokyo: UNU Public Forum/INCEDE Open Lecture on "Water: Too Much c Too Little c Leading Cause of Natural Disasters."

8-10 October, Santiago, Chile: International Workshop for the Control of Iron Deficiency.

16 October, Helsinki: UNU/WIDER Public Lecture on "War, Hunger and Flight - The Sources of Humanitarian Emergencies."

16 October, Tokyo: UNU/IAS Press Briefing on the Second Japanese Regional Zero Emissions Network UNU Conference.

17-18 October, Seville, Spain: UNU/INTECH Conference on "Technology Policy and Less Developed R&D Systems in Europe."

20 October-7 November, Medellin, Colombia: UNU/ICTP Second Regional Course on Advanced VLSI Design Techniques.

21-24 October, Beijing, China: International Workshop on "Urban Earthquake Risk Assessment and Management."

21-31 October, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: UNU/INRA Workshop on National Soil Fertility Action Plans - Lessons from the Burkina Faso Experience.

22 October, Tokyo: UNU/IAS-AIT Training Course on "Planning for Environmentally Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific Region."

29 October, UNU Headquarters: The Second Japanese Regional Zero Emissions Network UNU Conference.

30 October, Helsinki: UNU/WIDER Public Lecture on "Economics, Democracy and Entrepreneurship in the Post-Cold War World."

30-31 October, Tokyo: UNU/IAS-NTT Forum on "Multimedia and Global Environment."

30 October-4 November, Sao Paulo and Florianopolis, Brazil: UNU/IAS Multilateral Diplomacy Workshop - Trade and Environment from a MERCOSUR Perspective.

Forthcoming UNU activities

November 1997-July 1998, Madras, India: Training Course on "Solar Energy Utilization."

2-21 November, Buenos Aires, Argentina: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course on "Development in Agro-biotechnology."

3-7 November, Johannesburg, South Africa: UNU-Africa Economic Research Consortium (AERC) Collaborative Conference on the Project "Asia and Africa in the Global Economy."

4-8 November, Antigua, Guatemala: First Workshop on "Leadership for Latin American Young Professionals in Food and Nutrition."

10-28 November, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: UNU/IIST Seminar on "Design Calculi and Research for Telecommunications Systems."

12 November, UNU Headquarters: UNU Pubic Forum on "Usable Science: El Nino Forecast in the Service of Society."

14-15 November, New York: Annual Symposium of the UNU Project on the "United Nations System in the 21st Century."

18-29 November, Havana, Cuba: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course on "Expressions of Antibody Fragmentation in Bacteria and As Fusion Protein in Bacteriophage."

24 November-5 December, Havana: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course on "Diagnosis of Tuberculosis."

November, Cagliari, Italy: Special Parliamentary Session on "Science and Democracy: Coastal Area Management."

1-5 December, Accra, Ghana: UNU/INRA Feasibility Study for the Preparation of a Proposal for the Development of a Germ Plasm Conservation Facility.

1-6 December, UNU Headquarters: Forty-fourth Session of the Council of the United Nations University.

1-19 December, Johannesburg, South Africa: UNU/IIST seminar on "Design Calculi and Research for Telecommunications Systems."

3-7 December, Havana: Third Annual Workshop of the Tuberculosis Research Network.

8-13 December, Kunming, Yunnan, China: Third Conference of South-South Cooperation on "Multiple Resources and Land Use Planning in Biosphere Reserves and Similar Managed Areas As a Subject for Eco-development."

11-15 December, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China: UNU/PLEC Asian Regional Meeting.

18-19 December, Geneva, Switzerland: Colloquium on "Ethics and International Affairs."

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