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 November 1997    

New director for UNU/IIST appointed
In July, former UNU Rector Heitor Gurgulino de Souza appointed Zhou Chaochen (photo) as the new director of the University's Macau-based International Institute for Software Technology (UNU/IIST). Professor Zhou took over in August from Dines Bjorner, who completed his term as director shortly before.

Professor Zhou Chaochen

Professor Zhou is well qualified for the position. In 1992 he became UNU/IIST's Principal Research Fellow. Since then he has been involved in many of the Institute's activities: for five years he was in charge of the project called "Design Techniques for Real-Time Systems"; he successfully established good relationships between UNU/IIST and numerous research and educational organizations in China; he has worked hard to help improve the way computer science is taught at Macau's university; and he has helped apply various software techniques to industries in the colony.

Prior to joining UNU/IIST, he was a research officer at Oxford University's Computing Laboratory.

Professor Zhou completed his undergraduate degree in mathematical logic at Beijing University and did his postgraduate studies in computing technology at Academia Sinica. He has published extensively on many computer science-related topics, most recently on ones involving duration calculus and real-time systems.
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