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  May 1999    

Recent UNU activities

7-11 December, UNU Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan: Forty-fifth Session of the Council of the United Nations University

10-17 December, Quito, Ecuador: Third International Symposium on "Sustainable Mountain Development: Understanding Interfaces of Andean Cultural Landscapes for Management"

18-19 December, Singapore: Second Workshop of the UNU Project on "Rising and Fading Powers: International Order in Transition"


4-5 January, New York, USA: Workshop of the UNU Project on "Legitimacy of International Organizations"

8-9 January, Helsinki, Finland: Project Meeting on "Information Technology and Growth" (UNU/WIDER)

18-20 January, Bangkok, Thailand: Workshop on "Seismic Risk Management for Asia Pacific Region"

20-28 January, Xishuangbanna and Baoshan, Yunnan Province, China: Field Meeting of Biodiversity Advisory Group of UNU/PLEC

22-23 January, Oslo, Norway: Fifth Workshop on "Environmental Regulation, Globalization of Production and Technological Change" (UNU/INTECH)

January-March, Maastricht, the Netherlands: Seminar Series on "Productivity, Technological Change and Capability Building in Developing Countries" (UNU/INTECH)

1 February-12 March, UNU Headquarters: UNU International Courses

2 February, Helsinki: Public Lecture on "A World Financial Authority" (UNU/WIDER)

5 February, UNU Headquarters: Public Forum on "Sustainable Use and Conservation of Agricultural Diversity for Food Security" (UNU/PLEC)

9-10 February, UNU Headquarters: Symposium on "Environmental Governance and Analytical Techniques: Environmental Issues Related to EDC (Endocrine Disrupter Compound) Pollution in East Asia"

15-16 February, UNU Headquarters: Policy Working Group Meeting on "Sustainable Future of the Global Systems" (UNU/IAS & Environment Agency of Japan)

19-20 February, Dhaka, Bangladesh: Planning Meeting for "Sustainable Development of Ganges River"

20-24 February, Cairo Egypt: Training Course on "Formal Methods in Software Development" (UNU/IIST & Cairo University)

22-25 February, Cotonou, Benin: International Workshop on "Integrated Land Resources Information System for Africa" (UNU/INRA)

23-24 February, UNU Headquarters: Second International Conference on "Sustainable Future of the Global System" (UNU/IAS, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies of Japan (IGES) & Environment Agency of Japan)

25 February, Helsinki: Public Lecture on "The Asian Crisis: Lessons and Prospects" (UNU/WIDER)

February, Maghrebian region, North Africa: Two-week RAISE/DC Course (UNU/IIST)

9 March, Tokyo: Seminar on "Issues in Energy & Environmental Policy in India" (UNU/IAS)

9 March, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: National Workshop on "Teleworking and Development in Malaysia" (UNU/INTECH, UNDP, MIMOS Berhard, & Economic Planning Unit)

10 March, UNU Headquarters: Award Ceremony for UNU-Kirin Fellows

12-13 March, Florence, Italy: Second Review Meeting of the UNU Project on "Ethics and International Affairs"

13 March, Tokyo: Meeting of the Tokyo Planning Forum (UNU/IAS)

15 March, New York: Training Seminar of the UNU Project on "Ethics and International Affairs"

15-24 March, Kedah, Malaysia; Course on "Formal Software Development Using RAISE" (UNU/IIST & Northern University of Malaysia)

15-24 March, Baku, Azerbaijan; Course on "Creating Home Pages" (UNU/IIST, UNESCO, & Baku Scientific and Training Center)

17 March, New York: Training Seminar of the UNU Project on "Peace-keeping and Peace-building in Africa"

19 March, New York: Training Seminar of the UNU Project on "Rising and Fading Powers: International Order in Transition"

23 March, Tokyo: Seminar on "Comparative Foreign Policy and Human Rights" (UNU/IAS)

23-27 March, Honolulu, USA: Workshop on "Comparative Studies in Urban Hazard Vulnerability in Pacific Rim Cities"

25 March, Tokyo: Seminar on "Energy Crisis Armageddon or Prometheus for Development: Biomass Chemistry versus Oil Chemistry" (UNU/IAS)

25 March, Helsinki: Public Lecture on "Globalization and the Prospects for Democracy and the Welfare State"

6-20 April, Amman, Jordan: UNU/ILA Extended Leadership Programme

16-17 April, Helsinki: Project Meeting on "Underdevelopment, Transition and Reconstruction in Sub-Saharan Africa" (UNU/WIDER)

22-24 April, Macau: Seventeenth Conference of Directors of UNU research and training centres/programmes (RTC/Ps)

April, Beijing, China: Training Course for Beijing Institute for Information and Control (UNU/IIST)

Biotechnology meeting planned

The UNU Programme for Biotechnology in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNU/BIOLAC) announces that the "National Meeting of Agricultural Biotechnology" will be held on 18-21 October at the Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas in Caracas, Venezuela. This event is being organized by the National Council of Science and Technology, Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC), POLAR Foundation from Venezuela, and the REDBIO-FAO.

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