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  May 1999    

Staff news
We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of the UNU family:

UNU Headquarters
Mr. William Auckerman, Writer (14 Dec. 1998)
Ms. Janet Boileau, Editor (24 Nov. 1998)
Mr. Rudiger Kuhr, Visiting Fellow (15 March 1999)
Mr. Mohammed Saied, Computer Assistant (1 Feb. 1999)
Ms. Harumi Yamaguchi, Secretary (22 Feb. 1999)

Ms. Taina K. Iduozee, Library Assistant (1 April 1999)
Dr. Syed M. Murshed, Research Fellow (24 Jan. 1999)

Ms. Monique Seuren, Secretary (4 Jan. 1999)

Dr. Seneviratne Cooray, Research Associate (1 Feb. 1999)
Ms. Maki Ehara, Receptionist/Secretary (1 Dec. 1998)
Mr. Frank Roost, Intern (1 April 1999)
Ms. Masafumi Takemura, Receptionist /Secretary (1 Dec. 1998)

Dr. Kennedy Graham, Director (1 April 1999)

And we wish continued success to our former colleagues who have left the UNU to embark upon new careers:

UNU Headquarters
Dr. Abraham Besrat, Vice-Rector (30 April 1999)
Dr. Deny Hidayati, Visiting Scholar (28 Feb. 1999)
Ms. Wakako Ueno, Programme Associate (28 Feb. 1999)
Dr. Juha Uitto, Senior Academic Officer (30 April 1999)

Dr. Anthony Addison, Research Fellow (31 Dec. 1998)
Ms. Zsuzsanna Oinas, Library Assistant (28 Feb. 1999)

Mr. Eiji Hiranaka, Senior Institutional Relations Officer (31 March 1999)
Mr. Raman Letchumanan, Research Assistant (31 March 1999)
Dr. Chia-lung Lin, Visiting Research Associate (15 Jan. 1999)
Ms. Clelia Piragibe, Paper Writer (31 Jan. 1999)

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