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PLEC News and Events
PLEC Events - 2002
Please note that when an event spreads over more than two months, it is listed in the starting month only. Events for which dates have not been decided are listed in the end.

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17-21 January 2002 UNU-UNEP Annual Meeting of PLEC-China & National Workshop on Agrobiodiversity Conservation in Southwest China Kunming & Baoshan, Yunnan, China Liang Luohui
24 January 2002 National Meeting on the Technical and Policy Recommendations of PLEC-Tanzania Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Liang Luohui
20 February 2002 The First National Forum on Agrodiversity and Agrobiodiversity of Varzea Belem, Brazil Liang Luohui
23-27 April 2002 UNU-UNEP General Meeting of PLEC: "Working with Farmers for the Cultivation of Biodiversity while Improving Livelihoods" New York, USA Liang Luohui
26-28 August 2002 UNU-UNEP Scientific Meeting on "Agrodiversity in Development" Paris, France Liang Luohui


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