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2nd UNU-RIVM Workshop
Environmental Dimensions of Poverty
19-21 May 2003

Katmandu, Nepal

Workshop Background Documents

1. Linking Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management - Policy Challenges and Opportunities, Joint publication of DFID, EC, UNDP and WB for the WSSD, July 2002.

2. UNDP's Attacking Poverty While Improving the Environment: Toward Win-Win Policy Options.

3. UNDP Poverty-Environment Initiate Brochure (12 pages)

4. Poverty Reduction Strategies and Environment A Review of 40 Interim and Full Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers, World Bank, June 2002.

5. Review of PRSP process-IMF, March 2002.

6. Attacking Poverty While Improving the Environment: Practical Recommendations.

7. Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers And Sustainable Development, By Daniel Morrow World Bank The Workshop on Poverty and Sustainable Development Ottawa, Jan 23, 2001.

8. A Conceptual Note for UNEP role in Poverty and Ecosystems.

9. Poverty-Environment-Gender linkages, OECD, 2001.

Last Updated: 14 May 2003