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GLEAM Description


Sustainability Domains







Functionality of GLEAM

Stakeholder Meetings:
These would provide a forum for discussing the key issues and identifying areas requiring further research and investigation. Such meetings could also provide an avenue for interaction between the modeling community and the various UN and international agencies which can be considered end-users of assessment modeling. These events can drastically catalyze new concepts for integrated modeling.

Multidisciplinary Workshops:
Such meetings would help bridge the existing gaps between social scientists and assessment modelers. The objective will be to enrich the integrated assessment modeling in such a way that the "human element" of the society is well-represented in the process.

Client-Based Projects:
The Forum would undertake localized projects, focused on a specific problem on national or regional scale, through the involvement of local/regional experts. Capacity development in the regions will be built in, as an integral part of these projects.

Peer Reviews:
These reviews will assist towards comparison of various modeling approaches. They will also provide an avenue to the forum's participants to receive critical feedback on key issues of sustainability.

Virtual Workshops & Training:
These activities will focus on capacity development in the South, aimed at development of EIAM building expertise.

Website Development:
This will enhance information dissemination and interaction between Forum members. It is also envisioned that meta-databases on existing activities can be included at the Forum site.

A newsletter will be circulated to a wider audience, including the Forum members, policy makers, research groups, and UN and international organizations. The newsletter will be circulated both electronically and through regular mail.

Last Updated: 26 July 2002