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International Conference on the Dialogue of Civilizations

UNU Children's Essay Contest 2001: "Dialogue Beyond Borders"
[ Japanese ]
As a means of encouraging children and the general public to think about how they can contribute to the enhancement of the dialogue among civilizations, the United Nations University (UNU) has organized a children's essay contest. This contest, open to elementary school and junior high school students, was supported by the Asahi Shimbun and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Nearly 900 children from Japan and abroad participated in the UNU Essay Contest 2001. A judging panel selected five winners in each of the two categories (elementary school and junior high school). The panel consisted of:

Keiko Ochiai (writer)
Yoshio Hatano (former Ambassador of Japan to the United Nations)
Kenji Kitayama (Director, Asahi Forum, Asahi Shimbun)
Yozo Yokota (UNU Special Adviser to the Rector & Professor, Chuo University).

The winners are:

Elementary school

1st Prize: (Karen Hoch Matsumoto, 3rd grade, Sagamidai Elementary School) for the essay "Crossing a Small National Border" [Japanese page/Photo]

2nd Prize: (Momoko Yokota, 6th grade, Nadi International School) for the essay "Classmates - Uniting their Hearts" [Japanese page/Photo]

3rd Prizes:

  • (Kazunari Toda, 6th grade, Yawata Elementary School) for the essay "Living in Two Countries" [Japanese page/Photo]

  • (Chiaki Mizuno, 6th grade, Katsushika Elementary School) for the essay "Dialogue Beyond Borders" [Japanese page/Photo]

  • (Takemi Matsuda, 6th grade, Yudagawa Elementary School) for the essay: "The First Step as a World Citizen" [Japanese page/Photo]

    Junior high school

    1st Prize: (Yumi Kamoi, 3rd grade, Kudan Junior High School) for the essay "Accepting Differences" [Japanese page/Photo]

    2nd Prize: (Nanami Kuroda, 3rd grade, Oritate Junior High School) for the essay "Knowledge - a Key to Understand the World" [Japanese page/Photo]

    3rd Prizes:

  • (Yui Shibukawa, 3rd grade, Fukazawa Junior High School) for the essay "Understanding with your Heart" [Japanese page/Photo]

  • (Naruki Matsuda, 1st grade, Morimura Gakuen Junior High School) for the essay: "Dialogue Beyond Borders" [Japanese page/Photo]

  • (Tomoko Suzuki, 3rd grade, Higenyama Junior High School) for the essay: "Origami" [Japanese page/Photo]