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Nkosinathi V. N. Mbuya

Membership Status:
Full Member

Home Country:

Cornell University

Current Address:
Program in International Nutrition
309 Savage Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-6301

(607) 256-0395 (H)

(607) 255-1033



  • Ph.D. Student in International Nutrition with minors in Epidemiology and Applied Economics
  • MSc Degree in Community Nutrition (Southampton University)
    European post-graduate certificate in Nutritional Epidemiology (Southampton University)
  • Certificate in Food and Nutrition Programme Management (Wageningen International Agricultural Center)
  • BSc Honors Degree in Biochemistry (University of Zimbabwe)

    Research Interests
  • Evaluation of nutrition programs
  • Integration of nutrition into developmental programs and policies
  • Iron status of pregnant and lactating women during HIV infection
  • The interaction of vitamin A and iron
    Professional Experience
  • Teaching Assistant: Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca (August 2002-present).  Responsible for developing and grading exams and guiding students in writing term papers.
  • Summer Internship: Summer 2003, World Bank, Washington DC, USA
  • Field Research: Studied the impact of Vitamin A supplementation on Iron status in HIV positive lactating women (December 1998-July 2001)
  • Nutrition Lecturer: Department of Food Nutrition and Family Sciences, University of Zimbabwe (February 1999-June 2001)
  • Consultant: Carried out a desk review on iron deficiency/anaemia studies conducted in Zimbabwe for UNICEF and the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare.
  • Provincial Nutritionist: Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, Midlands Province, Zimbabwe (January 1997-June 1998). Responsibilities included monitoring the nutritional status of the general population, developing and strengthening promotional strategies to improve the nutritional status of the population of Midlands province.


  • Nutrition Society (UK): Student Member
  • American Society of Nutritional Sciences: Member of the Student Executive Council
  • Society for International Nutrition Research: Student Member
  • American Society for Clinical Nutrition:  Student Member

Selected Publications

  • Nkosinathi V. Mbuya, Lucie C. Malaba, Melissa Miller, Rebecca J. Stoltzfus, Kathleen M. Rasmussen, Peter Iliff, Jean Humphrey (2003). Vitamin A supplementation had no impact on hemoglobin concentration and the iron status during the immediate postpartum period among HIV+ women in Zimbabwe. FASEB Journal Vol. 17 [accessed at].  Abstract No. 5959
  • Melissa F. Miller, Rebecca J. Stoltzfus, Nkosinathi V. Mbuya, Lucie C. Malaba, Peter J. Iliff, Jean H. Humphrey, and the ZVITAMBO Study. Total Body Iron in HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Zimbabwean Newborns Strongly Predicts Anemia throughout Infancy and Is Predicted by Maternal Hemoglobin Concentration J. Nutr. 2003 133: 3461-3468
  • Melissa Farmer Miller, Rebecca J Stoltzfus, Nkosi Mbuya, Peter J Iliff, Lucie Malaba, Jean H Humphrey. (2003) Transferrin receptor does not indicate iron deficiency in young infants. FASEB Journal Vol. 17 [accessed at].  Abstract No. 2074
  • Melissa Farmer Miller, Rebecca J Stoltzfus, Nkosi Mbuya, Peter J Iliff, Lucie Malaba, Jean H Humphrey. Impact of maternal and neonatal vitamin A supplementation on anemia and erythropoietin production in infants. Poster  presented at Experimental Biology 2002, New Orleans.
  • L Malaba, N. Mbuya, M. Miller, R. Stoltzfus. Hemoglobin distributions of HIV positive and HIV negative women during the immediate postpartum period in Harare, Zimbabwe. Poster presented at the XIII International AIDS Conference 2000, Durban, South Africa.
  • Mudadi A. N. Benhura , Nkosinathi Mbuya, Elizabeth Machirori. Facile formation of caramel colours using the polysaccharide material that is extracted from the fruit of Azanza garkeana. Food Chemistry 65 (1999) 303-307.
  • Nkosinathi VN Mbuya. Iron Deficiency/Anemia in Pregnant women and under fives: a desk review. 1999, Unicef Zimbabwe



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