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Mohamed Ag Ayoya

Membership Status:
Full Member

Home Country:

Home Address:
Faladje Sema
Rue 840 Porte 166

Cornell University

Current Address:
Program in International Nutrition
309 Savage Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-6301

(607) 257-7892 (H)

+1 607 255-1033


· Ph.D. Candidate (International Nutrition – focus on Maternal and Child Nutrition
with minors in Epidemiology and Applied Economics)
· M.D., University of Mali, School of Medicine, March 1998

PhD Topic
Evaluation of valid biomarkers to distinguish between iron-deficiency anemia and anemia of inflammations in areas of high parasite infestations and nutritional deficiencies

Research Interests
· Maternal and child anemia, their determinants and outcomes.
· Social and cultural determinants of maternal and child health.
· Relationships between school children’s health, nutrition and achievement and infectious diseases (parasites in particular).
· Combining quantitative and qualitative methods for research and program evaluation.
· Linkages between agricultural production and nutrition/food security in Africa

French, English, Tamacheck, Sonrhai, Bamanan.

Professional Experience
· Consultant, ORC Macro International, Calverton, MD, USA, June-July 2003. In-depth Malian DHS 2001 data analysis to provide intelligence to programmes and projects involved in nutrition in Mali.
· Intern, Chemonics International, Washington, D.C. December 2000 to April 2001: Analyzed data from Mali to assess major causes of undernutrition in children under five years of age in urban and rural areas.
· Nutrition Project Manager, CECI-Mali, July 1999 to August 2000: Ensuring management, research coordination, contacts with partners (Ministry of Health, Helen Keller International and Communities).
· Consultant, Canadian Embassy, Bamako, July 1999 to August 2000: Conducting a research on the Tombouctou Region Health and Nutrition Profile Situation.
· Consultant, Rhone-Alpes Region (France) and Mali Health Association (SMARA), Bamako, May and June 2000: Conducting the evaluation of the community health center of Dianke.
· Assistant-Consultant, Helen Keller International, Bamako, October and November 1999: Study of foods that are susceptible to be fortified with iron and vitamin A in 6 regions of Mali.
· Consultant, Future Groups, USA, May and June 1999, Literature review. The economic impact of HIV/AIDS in Mali.
· Consultant, World Bank-funded studies, Data Analysis Support Center (Italy), Malian Ministry of Health, UNICEF and CECI: July 1998 - May 1999: Data collection on activities and projects against malnutrition in Mali; Evaluation of CECI’s work on infant malnutrition in suburban neighborhoods of Bamako; Initiation of the Malian Nutritional Information System (NIS); National qualitative study, perceptions and practices associated with unexpectedly high (DHS) levels of malnutrition in Bamako, Kayes ,Sikasso, Segou and Tombouctou

· Malian Medical Doctors’ Board : Member
· NEPAD Council : Malian Representative and Chair Global Health Commission
· Malian Nutrition Association: Member
· American Public Health Association: Student Member
· American Society for Nutritional Sciences: Student Member
· Society for International Nutrition Research: Student Member
· American Society of Clinical Nutrition: Student Member
· Rotary International : Member
· Global Health Council, USA : Member

Funded Projects
· Biologic and other determinants of anemia during pregnancy in Mali. Funded by the Division of Nutritional Sciences of Cornell University; The Ithaca First Presbyterian Church and Faculty Support.
· Evaluation of valid biomarkers to distinguish between iron deficiency anemia and anemia of inflammation in areas of high parasite infestation and nutritional deficiencies. Funded by Nestlé Research Foundation, Cornell’s Division of Nutritional Sciences, Ithaca First Presbyterian Church, Cornell’s Einaudi Center and Institute of African Development.

Selected Publications
Ag Ayoya M., Spiekermann-Brouwer GM, Traoré AK, Stoltzfus RJ and Garza C. (2006) Determinants of anemia among pregnant women in Mali. Food and Nutrition Bulletin, 27(1):3-11.

Ag Ayoya M., Mensah-Homiah J, Mbuya NVM, Kung’u J and Garza C. (2006) The future of nutrition in Africa is bright. Public Health Nutrition, 9(3), 403-404.

Ag Ayoya M., Stoltzfus RJ, Spiekermann-Brouwer GM, Nemeth E, Traoré AK, Ganz T and Garza C (2005) Falciparum malaria but not haematobium schistosomiasis increases hepcidin among anemic school children. Proceedings of the 18th International Conference of Nutrition in Nutrition and Metabolism. Abstract 3.2.4;p136.

Ag Ayoya M. (2004) Malaria in Pregnancy in sub-Saharan Africa, available online at

Ag Ayoya M, Mandimika T, Mbuya M, Mbuya N, Mensah-Homiah J and Garza C. (2004) The African Nutrition Graduate Students Network: a new initiative for nutrition in Africa. Public Health Nutr.; 7(2):359.

Ag Ayoya M. (2002) Santé et Nutrition dans les pays en voie de développement. Proceedings of the Malian Symposuim on Applied Sciences held July 8-12, in Bamako, Mali.



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