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The African Graduate Nutrition Students Network was initiated in 2002. The purpose of the network is to provide a forum for effective collaboration among African graduate students in Nutrition worldwide, and also among professionals interested in the promotion and enhancement of better nutrition in Africa.

Nutrition students from Africa have a major role to play in dealing with the problems of malnutrition on the African continent. Since the problems are similar in most countries, there is, and will be, a need to share ideas and implement joint nutrition programs so as to deal comprehensively with the problems related to malnutrition. Despite similarities in the nutrition problems faced by countries in Africa, there seems to be very little inter-country collaboration among governments, research institutions and non-governmental organizations to implement such initiatives. We appreciate that there exist infra-structural barriers that would impede these efforts. Africa lacks the basics for the flow of information such as efficient transport and telecommunication systems, which are essential for effective consultations. Moreover, because of financial constraints and lack of institutions, only few of us have had the opportunity to undertake advanced training in nutrition despite the midst of numerous potential candidates who aspire to do so. Therefore, those of us who have had access to such training have an on-going responsibility to help deal with this situation. This Network is an initial reponse in contributing to the process.


The aims of the Network are to:

- develop relations and networks among young professionals,

- build the appropriate attitudes and values among members,

- develop their leadership/organisational skills,

- build trusts amongst constituents and above all

- provide them with a unified front to improving nutrition on the continent..


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